Phospik improves P availability and crop growth by promoting biological nitrogen fixation, through releasing growth promoters such as indoleacetic acid, gibberellins, and cytokinins. Additionally, PSB inoculation has been found to improve the yield and P nutrition of crops such as rice , maize , and horticultural crops.


Phosphorus (P) is a major and essential macronutrient for food production and it plays a key role in different growth processes occurring in plants, such as root production, flowering, seed formation, photosynthesis, and maturation. The unavailability of soil P to plants due to binding to soil mineral particles and elements (e.g., calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), aluminum (Al), iron (Fe)) present in the soil causes severe crop yield losses. In this regard, beneficial microbes such as phosphate-solubilizing bacteria (PSB), usually found in the rhizosphere of most plants, are attracting particular attention because of their reported advantages for alkaline calcareous soils.

Phosphate-solubilizing bacteria may also improve P availability and crop growth by promoting biological nitrogen fixation, through releasing growth promoters such as indoleacetic acid, gibberellins, and cytokinins. Additionally, PSB inoculation has been found to improve the yield and P nutrition of crops such as rice , maize , and other cereals.

Method of Application : 

  • Before application (3 to 4hrs), dissolve in sufficient water.
  • Dose – 250g/acre is sufficient which can be applied through irrigation, drenching, sprinklers or any other suitable method.
  • To get Good results apply the Kalium after flowering to boost the yield level.

Crops :

CEREALS : Paddy, Wheat, Maize & Barley.

VEGETABLES : Tomato, Chilli, Capsicum, Eggplant, Potato, Cole crops, Cucumbers, Onion, Carrot, Beetroots and others.

FRUITS : Guava, Grapes, Banana, Apple, Citrus crops and others.

OIL CROPS :  Ground nut, Soyabean, Mustard and others.

FLOWERS : Petunia, Pansy, Verbena, Zinnia, Dahlia, Daisy, Phlox and others.

PULSES : Beans, Chickpea, Pea and others.

Others Crops : Tea, Cofee, Sugarcane, Cotton etc.

Composition :

Carrier base : Wettable Powder

Safety Precautions :

  • Do not mix the powder with any type of chemical based fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Keep out of Children and avoid eye contact
  • Use under guidance of agronomist.



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