Major role of vamriza is to enhance nutrient and water uptake by the host plant by exploiting a larger volume of soil than roots alone can do. Vamriza can be beneficial to crops grown in soils with low nutrient supply.


Mycorrhizae are a symbiotic association between plant roots and fungi. Their major role is to enhance nutrient and water uptake by the host plant by exploiting a larger volume of soil than roots alone can do. Mycorrhizae can be beneficial to crops grown in soils with low nutrient supply. Mycorrhizal associations can lead to increased nutrient concentrations in plant tissue, particularly nutrients (e.g., P and Zn) which are dependent on diffusion toward roots for uptake.

Figure: Contributions of mycorrhizae to diversity and productivity of the plant community, plant growth, C fixation, C storage via hyphae and glomalin. Solid arrows indicate the carbon fixation in photosynthesis, and the flow and storage of organic carbon. Dashed arrows indicate the uptake of nutrients and water from the soil and transfer to the roots by hyphae. AM, Arbuscular mycorrhiza. (Courtsey: Bertini et al. 2022)

Advantage & Specification:

It is an endo and ectomycorrhizia which is a unique fungi having a symbiotic relation with plant root body. Hyphae of Vamriza elongates very long in soil & fetches nutrients and stores then root, this nutrients helps in plant growth. It helps in maintaining soil humidity which higher crop yield or, pulses soil restoration and builds the soil natural fertility by making s root system strong by creating artificial root system. It is ecofriendly and great alternative for chemical fertilizer.

Soil – Basal APPLICATION :

During Soil preparation or while Sowing, Mix with FYM or Organic Manure TOTAL DOSE : Vamriza Granules 5kg / Acre Broadcast on opened soil. rotovate twice.

SHORT DURATION (3-6 Months) CROPS: TOTAL DOSE vamriza Granules 15 kg/Acre Vegetable, Onion, Garilc, Cumin, tomato, oil seeds, Legumes, pules, Spice, Tabaco medicinal & Aromatic and other field crops. Broadcast on opened soil. Rotovate twice.

LONG DURATION (8-12 Months) / NUTRIENT EXHAUSTIVE CROPS: vamriza 15 kg/Acre Sugarcane, sugar Beet, Cotton, Banana, Papaya, Potato, Turmeric, Yam, Grapes and others Broadcast on opened soil and rotovate twice.

FRUIT TREES, FLORICULTURE & PLANTATION ORCHARDS: vamriza Granules 15 kg/ Acre Broadcast one opened soil and rotovate twice. Pit Application Dosage for 40 pits each 30x30x30 cm Mix 500gm Vamriza Granules with FYM/Compost, organic manure spread equally in 40 pits.

NURSERY APPLICATION: Vamriza: Granules 1kg/1000 sq ft. Broadcast Vamriza Granules. Mix the soil at a depth of 8-12 cm (3-5 inches) in the total area with a spade / harrow or rotovate both side vertically and horizontally.

SPLIT / TOP DRESSING TOTAL DOSE: Vamriza Granules 5kg/acre Apply 30 days after germination Broadcast on opened furrows between crop rows mix thorough.

SHORT DURATION CROPS: TOTAL DOSE: Vamriza Granules 10kg / acre After germination, broadcast between crops rows @ 5kg/acre at 30 and 60 days mix thoroughly.

LONG DURATION CROPS: TOTAL DOSE: Vamriza Granules 20 kg/Acre. Broadcast @ 2.5kg/Acre with every irrigation.

POWDER APPLICATION for standing plants / Tress (Twice a Year): 1 to 3 year old plants: 75-100 gm per Plant 4 years and above: 100-150 gm per plant/ Tree method: Prepare a 10″ deep circular trench 1-4 ft from the stem Broadcast Vamriza Granules +FYM & mix thoroughly

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS (1) Avoid inhalation and skin contact. Wash contaminated skin & clothes. (2) Do not eat, drink or smoke during application. (3) Destroy empty bags after use.



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